Compatibility with windows11

“Windows11” has been released from We have tested the compatibility of our electronic CAD “Quadcept” and other services with “Windows 11” and report that they are compatible without any problems.

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Windows 11 supported versions

The following is the version of Quadcept supported under “Windows 11”.

Quadcept Ver 10.0.0 or later

※Other web services are not affected by Windows OS.
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Quadcept Data

For those who are upgrading to Windows 11

Quadcept data is not affected when your own PC upgrades to “Windows 11”.

For those who are changing to an different PC with “Windows11”.

You need to migrate your Quadcept data to an different PC with “Windows11” by the following description.

Back up and Restore Quadcept data

Back up the data on the original PC and restore the data to Quadcept on the new one.
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