Quadcept 10.5.2 Released

Fixed Issues


  • Fixed an issue where the Screenshot command would not save a screenshot of the design area.

Circuit Designer

  • Fixed an issue where gate components would not be imported correctly when converting a schematic file with certain descriptions.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior that occurred when rotating a label.

PCB Designer

  • Fixed an issue where Object Snap did not work properly when routing under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where a connection line could appear depending on the connection width setting for a thermal.
  • Improved the performance of the Move Origin Point to Center command.
  • Fixed an issue where a DRC error, Dangling Route would be erroneously detected for the routes with its Cap Shape set as Square.
  • Fixed an issue where errors could be detected incorrectly by Online DRC.
  • Fixed an issue where Online DRC and Stop at First Obstacle did not work properly under certain conditions.

* This version fixes some issues caused in Quadcept 10.5.0. Please see the release notes below for the changes included in Quadcept 10.5.0.

Quadcept 10.5.0 Released