Quadcept 10.1.0 Released

New Features


  • Added connectivity to a Quadcept’s brand-new cloud service, CCM. CCM is a cloud-based component management system designed to centrally manage Quadcept libraries in the cloud. Linking Quadcept and CCM allows the user to easily find up-to-date and standardized component data as well as to access real-time information including availability, alternate parts, and EOL status.
  • Added a separate ribbon tab for the Elefab™ menus for better usability.

Circuit Designer

  • Quadcept is now linked with LTspice® (a SPICE electronic circuit simulator).
Quadcept Now Linked with LTspice 参考 LTspice® × QuadceptQuadcept Official Site

Fixed Issues


  • Fixed an issue where quitting Quadcept after running the Reopen Project command would clear the history and gray out the Reopen Last Browsing Project command.
  • Fixed an issue where only a single pin would be selected on the PCB by Cross Probe, even when multiple pins were selected on the schematic.
  • Fixed an issue where Ultra Librarian’s library files containing specific descriptions could not be imported.

PCB Designer

  • Changed the minimum values of “Outline Width” and “Filled Line Width” for a plane object.
  • Fixed an issue where text objects were placed at the origin of a design sheet when importing them from specific DXF files.
  • Fixed an issue where the display of dimension lines could be corrupted when printing panel sheets.
  • Fixed an issue where rotating a PCB data within a panel sheet would change the shape of the mesh planes in the PCB.
  • Fixed an issue where a polygon including an arc could be an open figure in a RS-274X file.
  • Fixed an issue where the output results would change depending on the display state of a PCB design when exporting an IPC2581B file.
  • Fixed an issue where an ftf file containing a specific description could not be converted.

* LTspice is a registered trademark or trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.