Quadcept 10.0.0 Released

Before You Start Updating

Compatibility with Older Versions

In Quadcept v10, Quadcept projects were isolated from a Quadcept database(.qdb) and became file-based. Therefore, project files saved in the version 10 are not available with the older versions of Quadcept. Please keep this in mind if you are working on a project together with multiple designers.

New Quadcept v9 Installable at the Same Time as Quadcept v10

We plan to release a new Quadcept v9 that can be installed in the same PC as Quadcept v10. With this, you can use both Quadcept v9 and Quadcept v10 in one PC.

Release Schedule

  • Late November 2019

* We plan to provide a downloadable installer for the Quadcept v9 separately from Quadcept v10.

Making Backups of Quadcept Database(QDB)

Please make a backup of your Quadcept Database(QDB) before updating to Quadcept v10. 参考 Making Backups of Quadcept Database(QDB)Quadcept Online Manual

Quadcept v10 Release Notes

New Features


  • Project data is now file-based. From ver.10, projects are separated from a Quadcept database(qdb) and managed as files. This allows you to save your project files to Windows directories and manage them more intuitively.
  • Added the ability to cache libraries into a project (Library Cache). Libraries are now stored in a project file, and this makes it easier to share your design data with your team or customer. You can also prevent unintended changes in the shapes and attributes of components in your design because they will not be affected by external libraries.
  • Two QDBs can be now registered with Quadcept (「local-db」 and 「master-db」). This helps you to manage and share your libraries more efficiently.
  • Added a file locking feature to each object including a project and library.
  • Quadcept now links with Ultra Librarian services. This enables you to directly download or place the libraries which Ultra Librarian offers from within Quadcept.
  • Added a project searching tool, Quadcept ProjectFinder which enables you to search for project files based on component information.
  • Added the ability to clean up temporary files in QDB.
  • Reworked the start-page to provide a smoother experience.
  • Enhanced the Extract Component functionality to support Library Cache and master-db.
  • Reworked the Project window for a smoother experience.
  • Added the ability to name a PCB sheet when copying it within a project file.
  • Added the ability to register a shortcut to a folder with a project file.
  • Added the ability to launch Quadcept by double-clicking project files.
  • Added the ability to save the position / display status of attribute columns in each window including Place Component and Object Window.
  • Added the ability to export an object list from Object Window.
  • Enhanced Export List for objects so that it exports all the attributes shown in the dialog.
  • Added the ability to designate a reference point when cutting objects.
  • Added the ability to enable/disable the object snap when designating a reference point for pasting copied objects.
  • Added the ability to expand or collapse a full directory branch in tree view.
  • Added a delete button on the search box to clear search terms.
  • Added a Previous / Next button in the search window.
  • Added the ability to specify a character code when exporting a netlist file.
  • Enhanced the Open / Place dialogs to enable you to directly open symbols and footprints from the preview.
  • It is now possible to see “Revision”, “Created By” and “Updated By” in addition to “Created At” and “Updated At” for each object.

Circuit Designer

  • Added the ability to show No Mount marks for unmounted components.
  • Added the ability to synchronize your PCB design back to your schematic design by importing a file.

PCB Designer

  • Added the ability to generate offset figures.
  • Added the ability to place multiple attribute texts (reference etc.) for one component. Along with this, added check items to MRC.
  • Added the ability to stack multiple vias.
  • Added the ability to show layer numbers through which vias penetrate.
  • A list of route width is now referable in Object Window.
  • The coordinates, layer and angle of pads / vias are now referable in Object Window.
  • Enhanced Import Net to support Project Cache and master-db.
  • Added an option to import values in a netlist to components on your design when importing nets.
  • The drawing style of drill objects can be now changed during design.
  • Added an option, “Series” to the Slot/Square Hole Output Type setting for NC drill output.
  • Added the ability to save grid settings.
  • Enhanced data converting functionality so that it can save / read layer settings for footprints when converting design data via Quadcept Design Converter / PollEx PCB.
  • Added the ability to toggle the visibility of selection handles between ON and OFF.
  • Added support for Connection Point as a printable object.
  • Added an option to draw the outline of polygons / planes with single stroke line when exporting DXF files.
Quadcept Projects Need to Be Saved as Files in V10  

Fixed Issues


  • Enhanced a Quadcept Database to be more robust.
  • Optimized menu items for a smoother experience.
  • Improved the performance of launching the application.
  • Improved the performance of switching document tabs.
  • Improved the preview of symbols / footprints.
  • Improved the Open / Place dialog so that it keeps a directory tree expanded / collapsed.
  • Improved the performance of Object Window.
  • Improved the performance of deleting multiple objects.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when showing a stroke menu.
  • Fixed an issue where references were not updated properly when performing Update Reference under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where a text object could not be selected once its position was pinned in a footprint creation sheet.
  • Fixed an issue where a dimension shown between pads was incorrect in an IPC footprint creation sheet.
  • Fixed an issue where unmounted parts and mounted parts were grouped in the component purchase window.
  • Fixed an issue where the changes of Order status made on each tab of the component purchase window was not reflected on the “Distributor” tab.
  • Changed the criteria for a Pin Count Difference error which is one of the items verified when performing Transfer to PCB / Annotation.
  • Fixed an issue where a pop-up dialog was displayed in the incorrect position in high DPI environment.

Circuit Designer

  • Improved the performance of DXF import.
  • Adjusted the behavior when clicking / double-clicking a port in the Port Address window.
  • Added an option to Replace Component, which enables you to replace all the same components at once.
  • Fixed an issue where a filter was not working when selecting wires with Select Identical Nets.
  • Fixed an issue where the search results of memos were not displayed correctly.

PCB Designer

  • Optimized the Gerber format to reduce its file size.
  • Improved the performance of DXF / Gerber import.
  • Fixed an issue where illegal data would be output when exporting Gerber data containing an oval aperture in DXF format.
  • Improved Print NC Drill Chart so that it will export tolerance 0 into a NC drill chart.
  • Improved the performance of printing panel data.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when zooming in or out while moving multiple panels.
  • Improved the performance of Move between Layers.
  • Fixed an issue where selected objects would not be moved by Move between Layers in some cases.
  • Fixed the performance of Subtract.
  • Improved Component Window so that users can place an object by double-clicking on an item in the list.
  • Fixed an issue where a component in Share would be opened when opening it from a PCB sheet even after saving the part into a local PC.
  • Fixed an issue where a reference text could be hidden while moving it.
  • The line widths of multiple texts can be now changed at once even when different fonts are mixed if their fonts are Vector, Vector(P) or Vector-jp.
  • Adjusted the size of 1 pin mark for IPC footprints.
  • Fixed an issue where a teardrop would not be generated for a pad with R at the corner.
  • Fixed an issue where the pad layer could not be changed after selecting a pad with Pad Dimension.
  • Fixed an issue where a dimension was not generated for a pad with a specific shape by Auto Create Comp Dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue where the contour of a fan-shaped pad would be distorted.
  • Fixed an issue where a Route Angle error could be erroneously detected when using routes with its Cap Shape set as Square.
  • Fixed an issue where Floating Via / Stab Via errors would be erroneously detected under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when checking Keep Out Area violations with DRC in specific data.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when moving lines with Online DRC enabled in specific data.
  • Fixed an issue with the layer settings in the DRC settings.
  • Added menus for Fill All Objects / Fill Planes to the Display menus.
  • Added the ability to enable / disable the filling shapes of plane objects.
  • Fixed an issue where the connection between pads and planes was not recognized properly when the plane style was Cutout.
  • Fixed an issue where thermal objects remain when removing a plane with Delete Plane.
  • Fixed an issue where a value larger than Outline Width could be set to Filled Line Width when creating a new plane.
  • Improved the performance of merging filled objects.
  • Fixed an issue where the corner of a filled rectangle could not be rounded by Edit Outline.
  • Fixed an issue where nets were not transferred correctly to a PCB when performing forward annotation under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where footprint assign information was not be set properly to footprints placed by Import Net.
  • Fixed an issue where a design rule area created in a footprint was not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a design rule area was applied to all routes in spite of its placement layer.
  • Fixed an issue where the attributes of specific objects were not correctly extracted by Attribute Palette.
  • Fixed an issue where splitting specific objects with Split Shape could generate illegal objects.
  • Fixed an issue where rounding specific objects with Trimming could delete objects existing at the same coordinate.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when printing PCB data containing rulers.
  • Fixed minor issues that occurred when exporting Quadcept Design files.
  • Fixed an issue where plane outlines could be crossed in a design converted from CR-5000BD.
  • Optimized the performance when converting design data containing teardrops with Design Converter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused illegal data when converting a specific object in Design Converter.
  • Fixed an issue where parts with specific shapes were not converted correctly in Design Converter.
  • Fixed minor issues with Design Converter.
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters were garbled when converting data via PollEx PCB.