master-db: Read-Only Database Specialized for Library Sharing

A DB for Shared Libraries Will Be Available in the Upcoming New Version

About “local-db” and “master-db”

In Quadcept, libraries can be shared among multiple users by storing a Quadcept database(qdb) in a shared space such as a company server to be referred to by all the users. However, since there is only one database available in the version 9 or earlier, there have been some challenges such as not being able to have personal workspaces, accidentally editing managed parts, and leading to poor performance when access to a database is increased.

The upcoming new version will provide a database called “master-db” for sharing objects in addition to the current “local-db”. This will allow you to set up two Quadcept databases and make it easier to share libraries among multiple users. For differences between the databases, please see the description below.


This is a personal database that allows you to freely add/delete/edit libraries.
* This is called “local”, but it can be moved to any location to share objects as it used to be.


This is a Read-Only database where only an administrator can add/delete/edit libraries. Users except an administrator can only refer to or place the libraries.

Thank you.