Creating Connectivity with Labels / Ports

This page explains how you can make an electrical connection within a single schematic sheet, or between one schematic sheet and another. For connection within the same schematic sheet you can use both a label and port. For connection between different schematic sheets only a port is available.

Creating Connectivity with Labels / Ports

Label Connectivity

A label is used to create connectivity to other labels with the same name, on the same schematic sheet. Only a port is available for connection between multiple sheets.

Port Connectivity

A port is available to connect a net from one schematic sheet to another, or within a single schematic sheet.

Concurrent Use of Label and Port

A label and port with different names can be placed on the same wire.


参考 Placing LabelsQuadcept Online Manual 参考 Placing PortsQuadcept Online Manual


Creating Connectivity with Bus

Bus Format

The bus format consists of three elements: label identifier, label number and operator.


Label Identifier A letter or letters that are added to the beginning of a label number. The connection of labels with the same label identifier is allowed.
Label Number A number that is added to the end of a label identifier.
Label Number Range Identified in the format “[<Starting Label Number>:<Ending Label Number>]”. The connection of label numbers within that range is allowed.
Operator Used to define multiple rules. An operator is described by “/”.


Bus Format Example

DA[00:20]/D/A Allows connection by wires with the net labels from DA00 to DA20, and wires with the net labels of D and A.
参考 BusQuadcept Online Manual


Example : Bundling a Set of Nets

To bundle multiple different nets and connect them between different sheets, each net needs to be delimited with “/” as port names.