Simplified and Traditional Chinese Now Supported!


We have released the new version of highly-functional cloud-based CAD system with no upfront cost,
“Quadcept” on November 19, 2015 and added support for simplified and traditional Chinese.

“Quadcept” had been available only in English or Japanese but
we have decided to release “Quadcept” that supports Chinese language
because we have a lot of requests from overseas users and our partners
and think that China and Taiwan are strategically important areas to Quadcept too
and engineers who use Chinese are increasing in domestic companies.
Chinese language is available from the latest version, 9.0.0 of Quadcept.
Please take this opportunity to download or upgrade “Quadcept”!


“Using Quadcept that is user-friendly and enhances operating efficiency,
users can save time and effort to have support or learn operations.
Also, availability of traditional Chinese as well as English is a big advantage
for Taiwan users. We believe it will lead to CAD user growth.”

( A Comment from Quadcept partner, Mits Science Corporation )


“We are very pleased to finally offer our product in simplified and traditional Chinese.
Quadcept’s system provides one-stop service from schematic design all the way to PCB assembly.We can hardly discuss electronics industry without taking China and Taiwan into account.We hope that students and companies in Chinese-speaking countries and individual users feel free to try our CAD and enjoy making electronic devices.”

( A Comment from the President of Quadcept, Masahiro Kato )

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