Quadcept 9.3.5 released

Fixed Issue


  • Fixed an issue where a cursor position was not stored when selecting a root directory in the Component window.

Circuit Designer

  • Fixed a connection issue when placing port and power objects directly on wires.
  • Fixed a connection issue when moving wires.
  • Improved the display method of port address.

PCB Designer

  • Fixed an issue where thermal objects were not output into DXF files.
  • Fixed an issue where a DRC error, “Unconnected Net” was erroneously detected under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where clearance violation errors were erroneously detected by Online DRC when moving multiple components.
  • Fixed an issue where grid planes were not output correctly to Gerber data when changing the position of the plane style with offset functions.
  • Fixed an issue where dimensions were not displayed correctly when performing annotation.
  • Fixed an issue where forward annotation could not be performed when placing no check on any of Apply boxes.
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