Quadcept 9.3.17 released

Added New Function

PCB Designer

  • Added the ability to update footprints.
  • Extended “Convert to Line” and it can now convert cutouts to lines.

Fixed Issue


  • Fixed an issue where the active footprint setting might be canceled when using Share footprints for component creation.

PCB Designer

  • Improved the rats recalculation processing.
  • Added a unit setting on the bottom of the screen.
  • Improved the performance when deleting objects including locked components.
  • Changed the priority of object selection.
  • The Grid settings are now available in a footprint creation sheet.
  • Excluded pads/vias in a static plane or a keep out area from thermal connection check by DRC.
  • Optimized the timing to show or hide the Grid when zooming in or out the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where dimensions were not displayed correctly when printing a panel sheet.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grid offset settings were not cleared when entering a value to a Grid combo box.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when showing PCB Information under certain circumstances.
  • Improved “Import Nets” and a pin number duplication can be now detected.
  • Fixed misbehavior in “Auto Create Restricted Area”.
  • Fixed an issue where keep out area violation was illegally detected when a keep out area existed in a filled polygon.
  • Fixed an issue where the layer type was illegally displayed as Silk in the property window when selecting multiple objects in spite of their placement layers.
  • Fixed an issue where certain data imported from DXF files could not be converted into Cutouts.
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